Temu Lapang Kopi 2011 took place in 15th-16th June at Jember, East Java. A major event to comemorate first century anniversary of Pusat Penelitian Kopi dan Kakao (Puslit Koka) Indonesia atau ICCRI (Institute Coffee & Cacao Research Indonesia). I attend this ceremony with such carefully which held for two full day on two different site, Kaliwining dan Bondowoso along with other participants who are mesmerized by the fact of this critical institute has accomplished major achievements in coffee industries without having to hesitate the government. This is done mainly due to personal funding from the director of the institute DR. Ir. Teguh Wahyudi, M.Eng. In his speech, he exposed some of the research that has been implicated such as biotechnology in order to extend the amount of quality beans with Somatic Embryogenesis. Teguh also explained about Motramed (Model Kemitraan Bermediasi) concept where Puslit or this institute acts an mediator to approach coffee farmers with industrial labels.

One interesting poit is that this institute will develop Lembaga Sertifikasi Produk (LS Pro) or Product Certification Institution as an answer to challenge international audit institution. The major poit is this local institution can audit independentlu and the coffee industry do not have to use international auditor such as Rain Forest Alliance, atau Utz in order to promote their product in to international market. An issue which I have recently brought up in article  “Keadilan Untuk Siapa?”.

On the final part of the speech, Teguh also explained about DNA research on robusta coffee which mapped gene in collaboration with Nestle. Basicaly, Puslit Koka will give consistent guidance for coffee cultivating or agricultural practices such as the integration of coffee plantation with sheep farm in order to produce organic vertilizer and biogas, friendly pest control, which in the end will make the products of this kind of plantation, are consumable and eco-friendly.

Vice Agricultural Minister, Bayu Krisnamurti reminded all parties to not be only engaged in commodity selling, but also added some crucial points so it will increase their selling point. Bayu reminds them about the danger of over flowing luwak coffee will make them losses their exoctic values. The same vision and mission in developing coffeeindustry in Indonesia is very essential in order for long term strategies.

This event was also attended by Miss coffee Indonesia 2011 who are invited by Puslit Koka in order for her deeper knowledge of coffee which she needed to compete for Miss Coffee World which been held in Bogota, Colombia. Laskari Andaly Mettal Bitticaca (Mella) is a biology-bachelor gradute from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) and currently studying Oil Science for her Master degree in the same university. This Torajan-born girl has known coffee since childhood and will represent Indonesia in Worl Class Competition.

After been officially open by the Vice Agricultural Minister, all participants will be devided in groups to visit Kaliwining robusta coffee plantation. Here, they will be shown demonstration of couple of products such as eco-friendly pest control known as  Hypotan to conquer the invasion of coffee beans pests, arch enemy of farmers, which has been develop by Puslit Koka.

The main star of the show is the demonstration of Somatik Embryogenesis (SE), a method to extend the amount of coffee beans from various variety using clone system. It starts from a choosen leaf (somatic) and this leaf will be culturized in order to produce new-born beans which is called calus embriogenik. And than, the calus will be produced more with shaker (picture above) so it will produce sprouts for 2-3 month depends on its clones. So, from a very selective proceses leafcan produced millions of coffee beans. This is a crucial point in improving coffee variety in Indonesia, and the Director of Puslit Koka,Teguh Wahyudi has make it clear that his institution are ready to supplies the finest coffee beans accros Indonesia.

Temu Bisnis – Flores Bajawa. End of first day is mark by Temu Bisnis (Business Meeting) between entrepreneurs in coffee and coffee farmers accros Indonesia.This meeting is guided by Surip Muwardi, a senior researcher in Puslit Koka and also Miss Coffee Indonesia beside him . Among those farmers is they who come from Kabupaten Ngada, Flores, NTT, with their Flores Bajawa (arabica)  in the shape of wet processing. On 2005 they onl produce 16.5 ton coffee, but in 2010 thanks to their bussines partner PT Indokom Citra Persada from Surabaya, they have been able to produce 168 ton  which they have been exported to America.

This silght increase in quantity and quality has become real due the interference form Puslit Koka which collaborated with Indokom and local government in Kabupaten Ngada. As an illustaration, before 2005, raw coffee beans in Kabupaten Ngada only valued at IDR 800 per kilograms, but the price increases to IDR 6.000 per kilogram by the end of 2010!

Surip Muwardi explained that this kind of achievement by the farmers in menjelaskan bahwa prestasi yang diraih oleh para petani di Kabupaten Ngada begin from wfforts to increase quality of the coffee, develop a good plantation systems and maintain good parternship with mediation (Motramed). An effort which Puslit Koka tries to approach the producers to the by buyers, in this case PT Indokom. Very nice aroma & flavor, good body, clean acidity, is the a main characteristic for Flores Bajawa. Kontak : Andre : 0813 88588903

Sidomulyo- Kopi Robusta : Located in Desa Sidomulyo, kecamatan Silo, Jember. It begins with (wet processing) since 2004 with help from Puslit Koka dan Indokom Citra Persada with amount of exported beans of  20 ton. Kontak : Suwarno 08124970589

Kintamani, Bali : Same as the farmers from Flores, Ketut Jati from Kintamani Bali also experienced price of IDR 1000 per kilograms for raw coffee beans. But, because the efforts from Puslit Koka, the price has increases rapidly due to processing unit system that the institution has develop.or called Subak Abian (with a soil consist of 4 thousand acres). The prices rises to 700% ( IDR 7.300 per kilograms) which is way beyond the market price for coffee commodity in New York.Cpacity of their arabica coffee is going to be much higher after the rainy season in 2010. They can be reached at: 0819 -34329200.

Joe Tarquinino – Quintinos Clasic Italian Roaster : Considering the consistency of the quality of coffee that has been sent from farmers across Indonesia.

Aceh Gayo : Drs. Mustafa Ali, Chairman of Masyarakat Perlindungan Kopi Gayo (The Guardian Community of Gayo Coffee)  is a farmer who managed 85 thousand acres of coffee plantation, which is the largest in Sout-East Asia. For information, during an coffee auctions which are held in Bali, an event managed by SCAI on 2010 , kopi arabica coffee from Atu Lintang has succeded to gain the highest price in the show, with $10.6 per kilograms.. Kontak : Drs. Mustafa Ali : 0813-60109951

Arabica Coffee of Bondowoso : this is the newest achievement from Puslit Koka with collaboration from coffee farmers in Bondowoso, banks, local goverment, and exporter PT Indokom. They have been succeded to exporting almost 7 tons of coffee for market in Swiss. According to Bambang Sri, head farmers association, nowadays there are 2.200 acres of land that can be develop for arabica development and 4 thousand acres for robusta.. Kontak : Bambang Sri : 0813 36873754.

Another issue has been brought up. Is it appropriate to sold robusta coffee with the price of $2 per kilograms? this almost equals as production cost. Saimi Saleh, director of PT Indokom has reviewing this marketing issue. He insisted that it is not hard to increase the price of robusta to $4 as long as there is a back up from Puslit Koka.

Beside speakers from farmers side, there is also speakers from the buyers side, which their duty is to explained quality of the coffee that they wanted like consitency, unique signature of taste from the coffee.The  traceability or origin from the coffee is also a pivot point on this market.

End of the first day of Temu lapang Kopi is very hectic, bus interesting to see that various stakeholders involve in discussion of how to increase the quality of Indonesia coffee for everyone in this bussines.



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