KOTA – A new phenomenon has been growing in Pekalongan, the rise of café in these batik city. From those outside the street to those with elegant concept. One of them is Resto Rumah Toba.

Not so different from other cafés, this place serves various drinks with coffee as it base. Either is hot or cold, all of it is processed through sophisticated machinery.

Customers can taste imported coffee, Indonesia origins or even local coffee, known as Javanese coffee. Equipped withlarge space, this café is suitable for hang-out with friends or large member of a big family. Meanwhile for coffee variety, there are javanese coffee, arabica, and others like espresso, latte, cappucino, and so on.

“We served all kinds of coffee, one of those are javanese coffee, originated from Pekalongan, there are a lot of coffee so customers can pick them from the menu”, says the local manager, Handy.

Beside coffee, there are various types of drinks, such as fruit juices, fruit cocktails, ice cream and ofcourse side dishes. (fik)

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