Receives 183.500 Arabican Coffee Seeds

NGAMPRAH – West Bandung has received 183.500 Arabika Java Preanger coffee seeds from West Java Provincial Government, yesterday (27/12). Those seeds would be distributed to coffee farmers that have been local-goverment’s partner in order to increase coffee production.

According to Vice Regent of West Bandung, this would be a great sign for coffee farmers. West Bandung coffee production has been known fot its quality. This region’s product has been able to compete with other product from multiple areas.

”West Bandung coffee potential is quite high. Mainly because they have 12 thousand acres of coffee plantations, either it is owned by local farmers or government’s company”, as he explained it to reporters in Ngamprah, yesterday.

Today, coffee has become superior commodity in West Bandung. With the help from these seeds, they are optimistic about increasing profit.

On this occasion, he wants the coffee production to be exported to other regions. Even to toher countries. “The county government kept pushing these coffee products so it is well known in vast areas. And, we also encourage coffee farmers to gain more wealth”, he said.

Abubakar said, West Bandung have great coffee farmers. They are also members of West Bandung’s Asosiasi Petani Kopi Indonesia (Apeki/Indonesian’s Coffee Farmers Association).

Speaking seperately, Chairman of West Bandung Apeki, Kurnia Danumiharja, revelied that nowaday the farmers are thinking about selling the coffee into other countries. ”Our problem about this marketing is that we haven’t met West Java exporters”, he explained.

All this time, he added, exporters who bought West Bandung coffee come from outside West Java. They come from Medan, Padang, and Aceh. Yet, Kurnia say, various areas in West Bandung are central coffee producer for West Java.

“For Lembang area only, coffee from Apeki farmersi around 320 tons”, say him.

This comes from harvesting season in May until August. “Especially if this harvesting come from all farmers in West Bandung, it can weigh in thousands tons of various coffee beans:, as he finishes his explanations. (drx/nit)

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