Raise Local Products, Now Kapeo Coffee Shop Becomes Favorite Place for Kajen Residents

You must be familiar with what is called a coffee shop or coffee shop.

Now in Pekalongan Regency, there is a coffee shop that is cool to be used as a hangout.

Moreover, this coffee shop is located in a hilly area at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level with cool air.

When visiting the City of Santri, don't forget to stop by at the Kapeo coffee shop.

The distance of this shop is around 15 kilometers from the Pekalongan Regency pavilion.

Precisely in Linggoasri Village, Kajen District, Pekalongan Regency.

The cool thing is, this coffee shop raises local coffee products in Pekalongan Regency.

Apart from coffee, there are also local tea products that are served at this shop.
As expressed by one visitor from Tegal, Valenia Dea (23) said the coffee shop was very cool and cold.
The natural atmosphere in the pine forest makes it more serene.

"I was the first time, the place was pleasant, especially the coffee shop in the pine forest was still viral," Dea said to Tribunjateng.com on Sunday night (07/21/2019).

Not only that, the store is cool again featuring coffee and tea drinks using local products native to Pekalongan Regency.
"I drank cold tea earlier."

"The tea tastes good, it's different from the tea I usually drink," he said.

Dea revealed she knew the place here because she saw social media both from Facebook and Instagram.

Besides that, the place is cool for photos.

"Many of his friends made histories on WhatsApp and Instagram and I was curious about the location of the location and finally came here with his friends."

"I don't regret going all the way here, it turns out the place is very nice," he explained.

The separate manager of Kapeo Kopi Maftikha Windiari (37) explained that the shop was indeed a coffee and tea specialist.

"We take local products, such as Petungkriyono coffee, Paninggaran tea, and many more," Windi said.

Windi said that every day his store could spend around two kilograms of coffee and one kilogram of tea.

"Every day this shop is visited by around 100 people and the most crowded during the afternoon until evening."

"Because, many visitors take pictures at this location at night," he explained.

Windi added he chose the place to open a coffee shop in the pine forest because of accident.

"Last time we were together with Linggoasri Acoustic Coffee (Lakustik) wanting to hold an activity in the pine forest area."

"Then, after searching for a place there is a good place to be an activity and finally it fits this location," he added.


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