The journey to PT. SARI MAKMUR TUNGGAL MANDIRI located in Binjai from Medan only took one-and-half hour and straight to factory plant in Jl. Kompos  no.110, KM 12. The company is usually known as Sari Makmur, and for you and me we might knew these as Opal Coffee, a small company from its major label. It’s a short visit during travel schedule while I’m in Medan, and Michael Wongso, Operation Manager Opal Coffee Division is kind enough to show me the factory.

It is hard to find a hotel in Medan who doesn’t have Opal Coffee trademark. “Only two hotels in Medan who does not use our products. Its JW Marriot and Hyatt Aryaduta. The rest of other hotels uses Opal”, says Micheal starting our conversation.

As a subsidiary company, Opal coffee continues to expand their business not only in Indonesia, but also to Sydney, Australia. In Sydney, the company took over a coffee shop and consumes about 40 kg coffee per week. Next year they will open its café in Jakarta uses their own blend. “So there will be no clash of taste”, says Michael.


Entering PT. SARI MAKMUR TUNGGAL MANDIRI plant which has 4 acres, I was shown its great facilities. I don’t where these coffee beans come from, but I can see a stack full of it as far as I can see, maybe like a size of a football field. On that spot, I can see five working employees inserting the coffee beans to a giant loud machine.

According to Michael, Sari Makmur company has exported 60 tons of their coffee per year with the biggest market is Japan, the rest is Vietnam and India. Sari Makmur is more concentrate for corporate business rather than retail. This is the reason why we can’t find their products on local store like other brands.

Unfortunately, I was only here for two hour, so there are so many things I cant tell you about these iconic Medanese coffee. But they will continue to infiltrate a lot of major cities such as Jakarta. One day Michael promises me to visit their plantation, but I still don’t know when is this going to happened.






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