Polish Company Ready to Buy East Java Coffee

GDANKS – Provincial government commerce mission to Poland has produce amount of strategic business plans. The assembly which held in Pomerania province is attended by some well-known businessman among the two nation.

The resulting business arrangement are the demands of imported raw coffee from one of Poland coffee company. Beside that, there is Polish businessman interested on building cold storage in East Java.

Polish honorary consulate in Surabaya, Soedomo Megonoto, says that all this time Poland has benn imported coffee from Brazil.

“They wanted coffee supplies from Indonesia. When I offered them a robusta coffee, they wanted samples”, says Soedomo, he also owned Kapal Api.

Vice Governor of East Java, Syaifullah Yusuf, which incharge of the mission to Poland appreciate the positive responses from the two nation.

Gus Ipul convinced that the partnership between the two nations is very open. Vice Governor of East Java and Pomeranian Marshal, Mieczyslaw Struk, also signed working plans between the two province.

Those working plans include maritime, fisheries, farming, food processing, logistic, transportation, industrial, and commerce. Both government plans to work together in education, research, scientific research, tourism, cultural, and health. One of those plans which extend to 2018 is exchange of experience in maritime, fisheries, and boating.

“We would like to see increasing commerce between Pomerina and East Java. Evenmore, their farming products and industrial is more advanced. Also doctor education and sports”, Gus Ipul adds. (jpnn)


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