Padang Peranakan Culinary, Drink Coffee in Glass of Wine and Martabak

Eating typical Padang cuisine is not just rendang or curry. Padang peranakan cuisine also consists of coffee, martabak and satay.

Chef Marco Lom from Marco Padang Restaurant said the Padang Peranakan coffee was named Goh Leng coffee. Raised from the name of the great-grandfather, Sumatran robusta coffee is served in Nanyang style and cooked with a copper teapot that makes the aroma stronger.

Like serving in Sumatran coffee stalls, Goh Leng coffee is brewed with filter cloth like socks so there is no pulp left in the glass. For the presentation, Chef Marco Lom gives a modern touch to be different from most coffee.

Goh Leng coffee looks more luxurious because it is served in a wine glass. General Manager Marco, Santi Sandra Widjaja said the use of wine glasses was inspired by the experience of sipping coffee in a shop in Milan, Italy. "When I tried, the aroma of the coffee came out using wine glasses, so the style was brought here," Santi said at Marco Padang Restaurant, Pacific Place, Jakarta.

As a complementary coffee drink, this restaurant recommends coconut martabak which is now starting to be difficult to find in Padang. The shape is different from ordinary thick martabak. Coconut martabak is similar to crepes or leckers that are thin and crispy at the edges.


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