Opening of Harvest Season for Coffee Farmers on Mount Sawal

On this Sunday (31/05), almost half of Mount Sawal region in Dusun Cilimus, Desa Mandalare, Kecamatan Panjalu, are also crowded by people from Desa Tigaherang, Kecamatan Rajadesa. A lot of these two villagers are occupied with plucking coffee beans on this area.

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Yes, this week is a beginning for harvesting season. Tigaherang coffee farmers have been planted coffee seeds since four years ago on these 15 acres of soil. And after those years of waiting, it is time to pluck it. “Alhamdulillah eventually we can harvest it. This is our premiere harvest season. From the village (Desa Tigaherang-red), we depart together and we also pluck it together,” says one of the coffee farmers, Asep Dede Hermawan (25).

Asep Dede Hermawan explains that 15 acres of land is not entirely his property. It belong to the community, with majority coffee as their crops. Dede’s land is only about 1.5 acre.

From his coffee plant, he estimated five tons of dry coffee beans. “I only harvest about 1.5 tons. If all of them ready to be harvested, it can weigh about five tons”, as Dede explained.

He also hopes that his coffee can be sold in high price, so he can gain large profit. “Hopefully the price continues to be good. A lot of people say that price for dry coffee beans around IDR 19.500 per kilogram. I hope when I sell it the price stabilized, even raised.” (Djohan/WP)

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