LIBERICA – Central Researcher for Coffee and Cacao

The owners of variant coffee of LIBERICA can still hope to Pusat Penelitian Kopi dan Kakao (Central Researcher for Coffee and Cacao) in Jember which is now conducting a project to increase this kind of coffee who is less heard of. LIBERICA is kind of coffee beside arabica and robusta which usually known as “jackfruit coffee” due to its flavor, according to Dwi Nugroho, SU, a researcher from Puslit. Right now Dwi is accompaniment the farmers of LIBERICA coffee in Tanjung Jabung, Jambi. This accompaniment project is able to start from the help of local government that saw potential economical value of this coffee which has not been managed correctly.

According to Dr. Retno Hulupi, one of the researcher in Puslit, took about 10 to 15 years to get certification. This is because comination from laboratory experiments, testing including been able to comprehend question that are going to be asked by third parties such as the farmers. In other words, Puslit will go to in-depth research so if this coffee can be accepted by farmers, they can traced it origins. But, Dwi added, it doesn’t take long because LIBERICA can be seen as top quality seeds and they are beginning to plant it.

What about taste test that have been conducted on LIBERICA from Puslit. “There is one area that marks the aroma of the coffee and we hope this will increases the potential of this coffee”, said Dwi who is accidentaly came from Jember. Today Puslit are not able to summarize because LIBERICA and Exelsa is occasionally distinguished in their research and can be able to answer one important question beside post-harvest guidance.

Saladin Akbar whi has attended Cultivating Training di Puslit recently is eager to accompany Dwi to his homeland in Jambi soon. With more than 2000 acres of land, this LIBERICA area in Tanjung Jabung, Jambi is likely to be te turning spot for this variety of coffee eventough it still come from lower price if compared to arabica and robusta and has been exported to Malaysia.




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