Kholid Fajar Saputra, a Provicional Government Employee Who Develop Damarwulan Coffee

THIS young man seems eager to participate on exhibition which was held in Pendapa Kabupaten Jepara, yesterday. He sets up his products on one desk. Fro merchandise hat and pillow that has coffee writting on it and also his well-known product, jenang kopi.

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Once in a while, this man by the name of Kholid Fajar Saputra, also offer his products to customers. Not only shows his products, he also explaines about how to make them.

This man was born in Jepara, Jul 27th 1990. He said that the last half year, he has been focusing to make product innovation that inspired by Jepara very own coffee. “Right now, I am trying to developtwo products, jenang kopi and other coffee merchandise”, as he said it to Jawa Pos Radar Kudus.

His action was based to increase Jeapar origin coffee, which is Damarwulan. “ I wanted Damarwulan coffee not only enjoyed among coffee lovers, but also for others. On the other side, the market value is also high”, he added.

Today, he owned a production house in Kudus which specialized in making jenang kopi. Eventough there are a lot of people has previously produce it, Fajar tends to produce jenang kopi from real coffee extract. “Those sold in market is jenang with coffee essence, this one is pure from original coffee. We produce it three times a week, the labour also comes from Kudus, these guys are use to making jenang”, he said.

In the end of this year, this man who lived in RT 4/RW 5 Kelurahan Pengkol Jepara, also will launch his other orducts, which is kefir kopi, coffee soap also pmade. “All of it will use Damarwulan coffee as its basic ingredients”.

The sale of kopi jenang, as told by Fajar, is very promising. Today he has customers from various regions. From Jakarta, Bekasi and also Bandung. “The profit and turnover is raised every month”, says Fajar.

When asked about his prime activity, after graduating from Governmental Studies, he tried various business. Among those are selling helthy mineral water. Fajar also tries to search other value products. Until 2014, he joins in Jepara’s Government Labour Service through central ministry program. “In this job, I was assigned to entrepreunership programmes. These make me realize the potential value of business that can be develops in Jepara”, he said.

On 2015, he then re-assigned to Disdikpora Provinci Jawa Tengah in youth and entrepreunership beuareau. “I also got a job to supervise directly to villages in Jepara”, says him.

In 2016 he decided to make coffee as his innovative product. “Because I see that coffee is a big hit nowadays”, he said.

In expanding his product, he collaborated with coffee farmers and koperasi in Keling area. “I have a tagline: dodol kopi ojo dadeke regete ati. I want to expand my business without killing other people business. Therefore, I wanna create my own product”, as he explains it.

His business is outside his job as a government employee. “I try to make coffee famous to all circle of life. Not only for men, but also for women. I occasionally participate in exhibition events”, he sad. (*/lil)

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