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So many Coffee business Indonesia in the culinary industry, not only in Jakarta, but almost in all corners of the country. Various coffee shops are competing to create innovations and explore their ideas to get a place in the hearts of coffee lovers. One of the interesting things to see is the Kulo Coffee Shop. Only five months in operation since December 2017, the Kulo Coffee Shop won the most recent entrants award via the Go-Food application from Go-Jek. 

The owner of the Kedai Kopi Kulo, Clement said, the way coffee shops compete with other coffee shops is by giving birth to unique menus. One of the mainstay menus of the Kulo Coffee Shop is Avocatto, which is a combination of avocado juice with one shot of espresso, plus a choice of chocolate or vanilla ice cream. 

"We may not be the first, but we who first brought it to Jakarta popularized Avocatto," Clement said to Clement said, the idea of ​​a coffee shop was initiated with four of his friends. They see coffee shops as a promising opportunity on the market today. Their concept of creating coffee to go is easily obtained by buyers as friends on the road. Therefore, even small and simple shops are made. 

They did not expect that once they were partners with Go-Jek, the Kedai Kopi Kulo was flooded with orders. Even the Go-Jek driver had to queue for 30 minutes to an hour to pick up their order. "They complain but we understand. Because we also don't think it will be this big," Clement said. As many as 70-80 percent of orders, Clement said, came from online transactions at Go-Food. For the marketing media of Kopi Kulo, the owner uses social media. Not yet half a year established, the store established dozens of branches in Jakarta, Lombok, Bandung, and Bali. In the future, said Clement, the Kulo Coffee Shop will continue to innovate by creating other unique menus. Their latest menu, Kopi Keju, is quite interesting for coffee lovers.

Clement said that the idea was quite crazy because many people thought coffee and cheese were difficult to unite. "We are always looking for, he says, crazy, what people never imagine in coffee can be. We will spend it continuously," Clement said. 

Several Kopi Kulo Branch :
- Jalan Biak No.5 N, RT.3/RW.6
- Jl. Cikajang No.43
- Jl. Penjernihan 1 No.29, RT.1/RW.7

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