Indonesia Coffee Events 2017

Indonesia Coffee Events 2017


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Regional competition from eastern Indonesia held at the Sanur Paradise Hotel, Bali, 2-4 December. Registration opened on Friday, November 4th. , Registration Fee: Rp750.000 per person per competition for member of SCAI, Rp1,250,000 per person per competition for nonmembers SCAI (this charge covers the registration fee to be a member SCAI). , Every coffee shop / coffee shop (not a company name) can send a maximum of two (2) per person barista competitions. , Eastern Regional competitions reserved for cafes are located in the Central part of Indonesia (including Central Java) and East.

Independent participants shall include the identity card of the corresponding city. Barista who want to join the West Regional Competition can start training now while waiting for information about the date and place of execution.

So, what is new at # ICE2017 this? , JUDGING. Judges – both of which have experienced many years and new – will join classes and certification exams. In fact, the dedication of the judges in performing their duties will be evidenced further by paying for classes and exams in this certification.

REGIONAL CHAMPION. East and West Regional champions will immediately get a position in the National Semi-Finals. Let’s make sure # ICE2017 bore champions were able to penetrate high rankings in the arena of the world!

Stay tuned for further information on the opening hours of registration, and the registration procedure. , Indonesia Coffee Events 2017 conducted by the Barista Guild Indonesia.

Latest Notification Indonesia Coffee Events 2017

Kamis, 5 Januari 2017 pukul 12:00 WIB registrasi “Western Championship” akan segera dibuka. Daerah-daerah yang termasuk dalam “Western Championship” adalah Banten, Jawa Barat, DKI Jakarta, Kalimantan, & Sumatera. Seluruh calon peserta yang mendaftarkan dirinya wajib berdomisili atau bekerja di daerah tersebut. Masing-masing kafe hanya dapat mengirimkan kandidatnya maksimal dua orang per kompetisi.
Biaya pendaftaran masih sama yaitu sebesar 1.250K. Bagi yang sudah menjadi member SCAI atau sudah mendaftarkan dirinya dalam keanggotaan BGI sampai dengan 15 November 2016 akan mendapatkan potongan dengan hanya membayarkan biaya pendaftaran sebesar 750K per kompetisi. for further information


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