Here’s the reaction if you drink coffee in the morning when your stomach is empty

Hi Guys, for those of you who are fond of drinking coffee may have to pay attention to the right time to sip coffee.
There are many benefits of this drink.
For those who are fond of drinking coffee, there is no day more excited without steeping coffee in the morning.

This caffeinated drink is claimed to have millions of benefits, such as preventing DNA damage, and even losing weight.
However, we cannot consume coffee carelessly, instead of being healthy we get even the bad effects that come to our bodies.

"Drinking coffee on an empty stomach, or early in the morning before breakfast, can increase cortisol levels in your body," said health expert Dr Nikola Djordjevic.

When awakened from sleep, the body begins to release cortisol, a hormone responsible for regulating the body's immune response, metabolism, and stress response.

If we get caffeine when cortisol is at its peak, said Djordjevic, we will actually make the body more stressful.
In a study evaluating caffeinated beverage preferences among medical students, results showed 25 percent of students drank coffee in the morning on an empty stomach.
As a result, research participants risk having increased mood swings and possible long-term effects on their health.

This risk occurs because coffee stimulates acid in the stomach and makes the stomach become acidic.
"Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can increase this stimulating effect."
"Because nothing can rival absorption," said Dr. Jamie Long, a licensed clinical psychologist.

Thus, the stomach will produce high stomach acid.
Because coffee can increase stomach acid, this will stimulate heartburn and even cause pain in the lining of the esophagus, stomach, or small intestine.

In addition to affecting the physical condition, drinking coffee on an empty stomach also affects us mentally.

"Excess acid production in the stomach can cause changes in mood, nervousness, trembling, and other withdrawal symptoms," said Djordjevic.

In addition, Djordjevic said there were studies that linked stomach acid with anxiety and depression.

"Especially when consumed in large quantities, studies have proven caffeine causes symptoms of anxiety and even panic attacks," he said.
According to him, these symptoms can include anxiety, trembling, hot flushes, and an increasingly rapid heartbeat.

"And if you've tended to experience anxiety, you're even more vulnerable to the effects of coffee," Long concluded

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