Gunungwungkal Coffee Farmers Promote Arabican Coffee

PATI – A breakthrough is being made by coffee farmers from Kecamatan Gunungwungkal, Kabupaten Pati. Right now, they are trying to promote arabican coffee. If this effort works well, then the market in Pati would certainly increases.

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Mustaqim, one of the farmers in Gunungwungkal, says that one of the many problems in producing this coffee is geographical factor. Gunungwungkal is a sub-district 51 km away from Pati.

It is said that arabican coffee can grow well if planted in land with 1.000 metre above sea level. Avarage land in Pati is approximately about 700 to 900 metres above sea level. “So alff the coffee crops is robusta”, he said.

But now Mustaqim got an iformation that there are kind of arabica which can be grown in under 1000 metres above sea level. This kind of coffee is the one that he tries to develop in Pati. Enthused

“There are crossbreeding seeds that can be grown below the preference height. Hopefullly this can be developed”, says him. If this true than can be assured that the profit for the farmers will be increased. Beside the price is much higher, arabican coffee is also a big hit in international market. Now, he has three kinds of coffee, which are red pick (special quality), gold premium coffee and original coffee.

He admits this coffee get organic treatment. These crops did not use any chemical fertilizer. A healthy cropping pattern is one of good advantage from his coffee. (dwa-10)














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