Only in Garut, Coffee becomes a Steak Sauce

Garut, nicknamed Swiss Van Java, have famous commodities, Priangan of Preanger coffee. In general, coffee is consumed by drinking, this time these coffee with strong taste and unique trademark, is transformed into steak sauce. This creative menu is offered in Djawara café and resto on Jalan Cimanuk 336, Kabupaten Garut. It came by the name of Djawara Steak, this tenderleoin steak and arabican coffee uses authentic Garut coffee, Kopi Boehoen.

Dodo, the chef, says in order to prepare it, the tenderloin meat is burn about three-third of its readiness level. For its presentation, the meat is put on the upper side of boiled and seasoned  potatoes. And then the vegestables are pakcoy leaves, together with pasta as garnish. Final steps is to pour arabican coffee sauce on it.

“This tenderloin steak with coffee sauce is one of our trademark menu. Usually, steaks uses barbeque sauce, whilst we try it with coffee as its sauce”, says Dodo, on Saturday (09/05).

Evengtoughnot burn until it dries, the meat is easy to cut, very tender as if it was boiled first. When we chew it, the beef stock will melt and fill our mouth. Great flavor from the meat combines well with the unique flavor from the coffee. Although the sauce comes from coffee, it do not have bitter taste. The falvor and scent from the coffee is sweetened by milk cream and garlic.

Herb tastes and other ingredients not so recognizable. Arabican coffee taste combine with gentle milk cream is very dominant, adds some colorful taste to its meat. Soft-boiled potatoes dan some pak coy leaves ready to act as added flavor. Crispy fried pasta as garnish tasted like kerupuk, Indonesian food favorites. Djawara Steak menu is great to enjoyed with some fresh drinks. With a vintage moods in this place, this favourite dish is valued IDR 31.500 per portion. (Jalaludin/WP)


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