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Dani Alves Try Balinese Civet Coffee: The Best in the World

Dani Alves and his wife have been around Bali for weeks. Coffee does not forget to taste it, and he said, civet coffee is the best in the world.

Dani looks at all destinations ranging from beaches, temples, nature to artificial tours in Bali. As seen from AFP on his official Instagram on Sunday (07/21/2019), he began his adventure in Bali with discussions about zoos, Pura Besakih, Lake Bratan Bedugul to enjoy coffee at I Love BAS.

"Experience is something that enriches the life of an adventurer. The best coffee in the world comes from feces, Kopi Luwak," he said, enjoying coffee at I Love BAS with the siphon serving method.

He looks very enthusiastic about his coffee. In I Love BAS there is indeed coffee that provides Balinese coffee until there is a special civet coffee made before brewing, but unfortunately the animal is not released.

Not only enjoy civet coffee served directly. At the table Dani Alves also provided several types of coffee provided in several small glasses as a tester.

I Love BAS (Bhuwana Amertha Saris) is located on Jalan Raya Department of Tampaksiring-Kintamani. So, Bali is not only a suitable destination for beach lovers, but also coffee.

Although Kopi Luwak is usually expensive, but at I Love BAS, Bali, a cup of Civet Coffee is sold at very affordable prices. A complete coffee shop, this facility is also a unique place, on the edge of a cliff.

Travel, Dani Alves does want a vacation that is full of adventure and romance. If you go to Bali, don't leave this place!


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