It is almost a week since I am in Jember, Jawa Timur, to be exact I was in Kaliwining Pusat Penelitian Kopi dan Kakao (Puslit Koka) Indonesia. Act as an attendance to supervise cultivating and processing program which is being modeled by Asosiasi Kopi Spesial Indonesia (AKSI) for coffee farmers and instructor that come from Aceh, Toraja, Medan, Jambi, and Papua.  The course here starts with theories and practice from various expertises of Puslit. This is an little note that I have made for my short trip to Jember and surroundings in the pas week.

This is my second trip to Puslit Koka in Jember since Temu Lapang Kopi 2011. Little city located South East from Surabaya can be reached by rental cars provided by the local host. They already warn about traffic along the way. That is very true. We were entering Porong and there is a big traffic jam dan lots of big rigs.

It took us almost an hour to cope with this traffic in the city that was famous of Lapindo disaster. Only a short brief and then our six passenger Mitsubishi L300 crawl onto another traffic when entering Pasuruan to Kabupaten Probolinggo with a total of 4 hours since we leave Surabaya. We rested less then an hour in Kencur restaurant in Desa Banjarsari Kecamatan Sumberasih, Probolinggo which actually quite fun. Local menu with cheap prices for a restaurant so large and cozy.

Exactly 2 AM, the group began to enter Kaliwining, the biggest coffee research site in Indonesia whereas the training on cultivating this crops will start on the next day. A quite tiring journey, but this event is hard to miss and also my first adventure in Jember among other unsuspected “adventures”.

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