Cool… Ciamis Superior Coffee Ready to Expand Offshore

Rajadesa, which is one of the sub-district in northern Kabupaten Ciamis, have superior crops. It geographical condition with 588 metres above sea level, with rain condition about 3.087 is very suitable for Robusta coffee.

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Yes, this sub-district, with 11 villages, have a superior crops, one of them is robusta coffee. Robusta coffee from Rajadesa has a trademark scent, good and tasteful.

The soil condition supports the robusta coffee growth in this area. Next July, the people plans to gather a county fair in order to commurate harvesting times in Desa Sukaharja and Desa Tigaherang whuch has 186 acres of producing fields.

It is achived due to the help of supervising comitee of forestry field or Penyuluh Kehutanan Lapangan (PKL) BP3K Kecamatan Rajadesa, which has help the society with supervision on growing those crops. “We continue give supervison to the society so their harvest is good, and this has been proven by the growth of its fruit is so abundant”, says Dede Rusliah, SP, PPL BP3K Kecamatan Rajadesa.


Rajadesa robustan coffee is adequate for supplies to Jakarta and other regions. “Sometimes we sent it to Jakarta. Occasionally there are demands from other countries, but our supervised groups are having trouble with marketing. But it doesn’t going to be a burden if we are ready to market it soon”, Dede said.

Still according to Dede, a group has already processed coffee beans into daily usage size through Koperasi Wibawa Mukti in Desa Tanjungjaya Kecamatan Rajadesa. From this trial, 45 kg of coffee beans is processed to 21 kg (60%) so it been has been reduced (40%).

“Our trademark robusta coffee is kopi TANJUNG. We are hoping that are some help from government for processing tools, capital, marketing. Because until this day, all of this comes from the community”, says one of the group chairman. (Dena A. Kurnia/WP)


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