Coffee Travel in Bali for New Year’s Eve

Slowly but sure, the coffee travel in Bali begin to rise. One of the collest place to visit is Secret Garden Village, where you can gain information about coffee from all across Indonesia.

Recently, detikTravel visited this place. It is located in Jl. Raya Bedugul KM 36, Tabanan or about 2-3 hours ride from Kuta. Entrance fee is IDR 50.000.

Black eye are one of location on Secret Garden Village. From the entrance door, go to right. This place is a café and also a mini museum about coffee. In this spot, visitors can know all types of Indonesian coffee, its making procces and the correct presentation.

“The coffee we are offer is Aceh gayo coffee, Sumatera coffee, Bali Kintamani, Toraja, and Flores”, says Mega, a tour guide that accompanied detiTravel.

Before entering Black Eye, we can see various traditional coffee proccesing tools and some cups that use to present it. According to Mega, some of this tools originated from accros Europe and authenthic!

Then Mega took us to coffee beans proccesing site. She explained how the coffee is restores and proccesed on the right temperature. The strong scent of coffee is present there.

Coffee beans proccesing (Afif/detikTravel)

“We use Probat machine from Germany for final procces, so we can gain a high quality coffee beans”, Mega explained.

And then I was brought inside Black Eye which next to it souvenir shop and café. A bartender then explained about Indonesian coffee to foreign tourists. He explained thoroughly, including how to taste it.

“Just zip it into your mouth very fast and strongly. We would actually can taste the pleasure into our nostral. Lets try it”, he added.

Not far from there, I entered the souvenir shops. Coffee beans were sold on invidual packages. Fot hose who wanted to tranfor it into powder, ths staff willhelp and it is free of charge.

Prices strart from IDR 88.000, with counts per grams. We ensure the quality is very well maintained”, says Mega.

Interested to coffee travel in Secret Garden Village?


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