Coffee is Indonesia’s Leading Export Commodity

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The Ministry of Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture) spread free seeds to farmers in Sido Mulyo Village, Buah Batu District, Palangkaraya. Through the BUN 500 program, Ministry of Agriculture wants to boost the productivity of superior commodities for exports.

Currently, priority commodities are coffee, pepper, clove, nutmeg, cocoa, rubber, coconut, cashew, tea and sugar cane.

Coffee is one of the best-selling commodities on the world market. Even in the current American trade war crisis with China, the opportunities for commodity exports are increasingly wide open.

“Now we hear that India is happy to drink coffee. Then during a visit to Colombia, there was told about Indonesian coffee more than several times. It could be an opportunity for us to enter the market there, even this trade war would be profitable,” said Agriculture Minister Amran Sulaiman in Palangkaraya, Thursday (07/18/2019).

As productivity increases, the government is also launching downstream plantations. Going forward, Indonesia does not only sell raw goods, but finished goods.

Downstreaming, in addition to increasing the selling value of products, it can also absorb labor and welfare of farmers through farmers’ corporations so that later they can have shares in the industry.


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