Ciwidey Coffee Can be found in Italy

SOREANG – Coffee farmers frob sub-district of Ciwidey, Kabupaten Bandung, can be proud. Because their products can be find in Europe, especially in Italy. This is based on the testimony from farming expert, Prof Dr Ir Wisnu Cahyadi MSc, in front of Bupati Bandung H. Dadang Mochamad Naser SH MIp, along with other local government officials on ceremonial awards of Adi Karya Pangan Nusantara in Jawa Barat which was held in Official Bandung’s Regent House, yesterday (30/8).

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The coffee was promoted by Indonesians Chinese-ethnic. And those coffee originally came from  Ciwidey Kabupaten Bandung. “The market is very good, because the taste suits Italians tounge”, says Wisnu Cahyadi, which acted as Head of Jury of 2016 Adi Karya Pangan Nusantara Jawa Barat Tahun.

On his speech, he stated that natural resources that Kabupaten Bandung have, particularly in food industries, is very large. This includes paddies, crops, farms, vegestables, or fisheries. His personal opinion says that the development of these fields are already begun. Previously, Dadang Mochamad Naser, Bandung’s Regent, says his government policy for food sustainable began from the availability, distribution, security, usage of farmers and people involvement, and programs that anticipate food sustainability. “This food sustainability policies is a collaboration effort from joint government beareaus, such as Dinas Bina Marga, Dinas SDAPE, Dinas Koperindag, Dinas Pertanian dan Badan Ketahanan Pangan”, said Dadang Naser.

Dadang says that for food sustainability, Kabupaten Bandung, now has 96 acres of immortal rice fields in Desa Sangkan Hurip, Kecamatan Katapang, plus 400 acres in Desa Sumber Sari, Kecamatan Ciparay. And for distribution of foods sustainability, there are 700.6 kilometres of roads or about 86 percent from Kabupaten Bandung roads in total, approximately around 1.150 kilometres.

For the development id food varieties, they also build kawasan rumah pangan lestari (KRPL) in 228 Villages, 5.000 schools and on 32 spots around local goverments area. “Most of this KRPL are planted with various vegestables such as cabbage, coleslaw, petcai or sosin, and this could be for consumption or sold to the market”, said Dadang.

With these steps, on 2014-2015, Kabupaten Bandung has won Adhikarya Pangan Nusantara Terbaik I Tingkat Jawa Barat awards. In the beginning of 2016, Dadang receives Kepala Daerah Inovatif  bidang Ketahanan Pangan awards from Seputar Indonesia newspaper, and also some other eight awards  for multiple farmers groups and individual. (gun/fik)

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