Ciamis Coffee Farmers Receives Aid of Processing Tools

BERITA CIAMIS.  This morning, Wednesday (28/12), Ciamis Regent, H. Iing Syam Arifin, makes official introduction of UPPO or coffee-processing tools to Kelompok Tani Ternak Karya Mukti Mandiri IV in Dusun Ciuncal, Desa Sukamantri, Kecamatan Sukamantri, Kabupaten Ciamis.

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“This coffee-processing tool can add more value to the society and more easy-to-use benefits in processing coffee,” Iing explains.

“Coffee bussines opportunity is still wide open, especially with little competition from other regions, plus Robusta coffee from this area has more advantages on flavor and scent compared to other variety”, he continues.

“Now, with this technology, would be more useful for Ciuncal people because this tool will extend more value,” says Nana.

“Thank you to Ciamis’s Regent Government to this facilities aid for Sukamantri sub-district people”, says Camat Sukamantri, Drs Heryanto.

On this occasion, the Regent of Ciamis also give cows to help the local society. (Dena A Kurnia/WP)


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