Brewing Justice (Fair Trade Coffee, Sustainability, And Survival)

Praise for brewing justice

“Daniel Jaffee has done the fair trade movement a real service in his meticulous research into the actual effect of fair trade on coffee farmers in a group of villagers in Oaxaca, Mexico. Up till now the claims of fair trade benefits for the procedurs have been largely based on brief visits and anecdotes, but now there is hard evidence. In analyzing the market for fair trade, he distinguishes clearly between those who wish to break the fair trade, those who would reform the market, and those who simply want access to a growing market. But his book will be a great value not only in his conclusions about how fair trade can be made fairer, but in extending our understanding of the overwhelming power of the giant corporations in international trade, even seeking to improve their image by co-optation and dilution of the standards when faced by the challenge of fair trade”

Michael Barrat  Brown, founding chair and trustee director of TWIN and Twin Trading and author of fair trade : Reform and realities in the International Trading System.

“Brewing Justice is at once a sobering account of what the fair trade movement has achieved and an optimistic statement that only by deepening movements like this one will society advance in the direction of economic democracy and justice.”

Gerardo Otero, profesor of sociology and Latin American Studies, Simon Fraser University


Table of contents


  1. A movement or a market ?
  2. Coffee, commodities, crisis
  3. One region, two market
  4. The difference a market makes : livelihoods and labor
  5. A sustainable cup ? fair trade, shade-grown coffee, and organic production
  6. Eating and staying on the land : food security and migration
  7. Dancing with the Devil ?
  8. “Mejor, Pro nu muy bien que digamos” : The Limits of Fair Trade
  9. Strengthening fair trade – Conclusion

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