Become a Superior Commodity, Solok Arabica Coffee Will Become More and More Interested

Not only robusta coffee, arabica coffee is one of the leading commodities in Solok Regency (West Sumatra – Indonesia), which has been expanded in its highland areas. Solok Coffee is also increasingly interested.

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Admaizon, Head of Solok District Agriculture Service said that Arabica coffee production in 2018 reached 657.7 tons with a planting area of ​​6,630 hectares and robusta coffee production of 1,388 tons with a planting area of ​​16,396 hectares.

“We are developing arabica because it has a very large market for export. In addition, the selling value is higher than Robusta,” Admaizon explained.

Nevertheless, arabica and robusta are the leading commodities in Solok Regency. To increase the amount of production carried out to meet market needs, the local government cooperates with Bank Indonesia in developing Arabica coffee.

In addition, the government also applied for borrowed land to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to increase the number of Arabica coffee planting areas.

“The Ministry agrees to borrow and use 7,000 hectares of protected forest in Lembah Gumanti District, Pantai Cermin, Hiliran Gumanti for Arabica coffee with an agroforestry system,” he explained.

Nursery and planting activities have been carried out this year, but still not as a whole. Arabica coffee cultivation in protected forest areas was accompanied by the West Sumatra agricultural service and the Cooperative, one of which was the Solok Radjo Cooperative.

“In Solok Regency, the development of Arabica coffee is indeed pioneered by local youth. Now, Solok is a coffee mecca in West Sumatra because it has tastier and more distinctive tastes,” said Admaizon.

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