Accustomed to drinking coffee, you still have to pay attention to the limits

Many people are used to drinking coffee.
Good morning, noon, even night.
To increase energy and focus, drinking coffee is a practical solution.

In fact, many people don't hesitate to spend more than five cups a day because they feel a cup isn't working anymore.

Too much consumption of caffeine is clearly a risk for health.
Actually, what is the safe limit for consuming coffee? According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition drinking six or more cups of coffee per day can increase the risk of heart disease by 22 percent.

Research was conducted by researchers from the University of South Australia by analyzing health data and dietary patterns of 347,077 participants aged 37 to 73 years.

Researchers also analyzed certain gene variants in research participants, called CYP1A2. This variant of the gene allows people to metabolize caffeine faster than those who don't have it.

Researchers also found people who drank six cups of coffee or more a day were 22 percent more likely to suffer from heart and blood vessel disease.

The researchers also concluded that the correlation between coffee consumption and the risk of cardiovascular disease does not depend on genetic makeup.

In other words, this risk also applies to people who have a variety of CYP1A2 genes. Drinking too much coffee can cause heart problems because too much caffeine consumption causes hypertension.

According to one researcher Elina Hypponen, most caffeine will make us feel anxious, emotional or even nauseous.

"That's because caffeine helps your body work faster and harder. However, these side effects can occur because we consume too much," he added.

Previously, there were studies that proved coffee as a drink rich in antioxidants and could reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

However, we can get these benefits if consumed in moderation and without added sugar or dairy products.


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